A virtual assistant is a person who offers professional administrative or technical help to clients remotely.
Let me elaborate.
You are a startup or an organization with an online global presence. You soon realize that you cannot keep tabs with getting back to clients through emails on time, or even be able to schedule your calendar, calls, and appointments with your clients. To add salt to the injury, you are behind on the delivery of several services for the clients and they are coming for your head. In addition, your expenses are over the roof so you cannot afford to employ a full-time on-location executive assistant.
Your best solution is a virtual assistant. A VA will help you schedule your calendar, appointments, and calls with your clients. The VA will also reply to your clients’ emails promptly. As a bonus, with minimal training, usually, the VA will also take care of all your clients’ requests ensuring you are not late with your deliverables.
But do you know what the best part is in all of this?
You incur fewer expenses in salary payment to your VA. This makes having a VA better economically than a physical on-site executive assistant. See my point?

How much you will pay your VA highly depends on the complexity of the tasks assigned. Normally, most VAs charge from $8-$60 per hour. In addition, these prices always depend on the VA’s level of experience. Other Vas will charge per project completed.
Creative Byte Solutions’ prices for the different virtual assistant tasks range from $100-$2000 per month depending on the hours assigned and the complexity of the tasks needed. Reach out to us by filling the form below to get a favorable price quote for all of your VA-related problems.

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